Online Plot Booking System

Main Purpose of this php script:

This script allows user to book plot as per 2-D plan.

Detailed Description:

This script is especially used for builders and real estate agents TO book plot as per 2-D plan. This PHP script is user friendly and has a strong content management system (CMS) where you can manage all the contents related documents along with the booking history.
Features of Plot booking script:
  • Plot size can be any arithmetic shape E.g.-Square, rectangle, circle, polygon etc
  • Admin can upload any size and shape of layout
  • Admin can set each plot size separately and can add various categories for same shape and size plot
  • Admin can set different-different price for all plots based on area of a particular plot
  • EMI Option allows user to pay the amount in EMI form
  • On booking user will get the entire booking document based on booking Id on website
  • Admin can manage all inquiries
  • Admin can send reminders to clients based on schedule

Developer: ARE Infotech License: Free Views: 940 Updated Date: 21-Aug-2022

Online Plot Booking System

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