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Main Purpose of this :

Donation based crowdfunding website can be developed to attain boom in fundraising platform.

Detailed Description:

Crowdfunding donate is the eminent Donation script for receiving and giving donations. It is best suited for the businessmen who are all looking for starting an online platform for donation based Crowdfunding. This script has beneficial features that are effective which is specially added for managing and operating the donation fundraising website effectively.

Features of Crowdfunding Donation script
  • Personalize donation ultimately pleases donors whether to showcase their credentials or not in your donation fundraising website.
  • Idea’s Mechanism allows users to place their idea in this platform to identify its viability and feasibility.
  • Over donation allows fundraisers to get money beyond their expectation and above their fixed maximum limit.
  • Insights module gets a clear picture about working performance of your donation fundraising business.
  • Pjax Designs gain an extensible browsing experience in your donation based fundraising website.
  • Private beta mode gets feedback from target audience and makes necessary changes before your website official launch.
  • Pre-launch mode creates a buzz about your website launch to target audience by collecting email ids and notify prior to site launch.
  • CloudFlare gets a highly secured and speedy website performance from the exclusive content delivery network called CloudFlare.
  • Integrated Google analytics keeps track of your website performance and improve its reach to greater extend in international market.
  • Google Page Speed Optimize your website performance with this option.
  • Pull CDN Ensure site content with definite URL formulation.
  • Improve your site responsiveness to and fro from the server by storing the session files and data on the Amazon server directly.
  • Gain money by allowing other organizations to post their promotional ads in your donation crowdfunding site.
  • Multi-language translations allow your users to easily translate website content to any language.
  • Project management system efficiently manages every listed project and rapidly gets all details about projects.
  • Internal messaging system helps users to get know about each others, share opinion and clarify queries easily.
  • Email templates use pre-defined email templates for intimating your users with general site notification and unique mails.
  • Bootstrap helps users to navigate site thoroughly without any resolution problem with customized and responsive layout of your website.

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Donation script - Crowdfunding Donate - Agriya

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