Build A Perfect Online Learning Platform With Inoru’s Uber For Tutors!

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Inoru’s Uber For Tutors! Virtualize the education by providing a contemporary platform for the tutors and scholars that help the ignited minds earn a quality education. Get our custom-built tutoring solutions at an affordable price which is one cl

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In the digitally raced world, we ought to rely on applications to get our daily jobs done. Due to the crisis of pandemic, the education sector has been affected at large, where students are pushed to go for online learning that is more convenient. Today in the millennial era, the students are more interested in gaining a diversified knowledge on the subjects to improvise themselves. So, it will be more beneficial for the businesses to initiate an advanced education platform helping the learning community to connect with tutors across the globe. Inoru’s Uber For Tutors is a comprehensive learning platform that helps students to get quality education by finding the best tutors on it. Also, it has all the primary features, where you can choose to customize them based on your business needs. So, the student looking for a teacher can hire an educational professional enlisted in the app.
Some of the highlighting features of Uber For Tutors are given below.


  • User Registration
  • Browsing Tutors
  • Tutoring Plans
  • Dashboard
  • Notifications
  • Refer And Earn

As we provide white label solutions, the features are completely scalable and customizable that are built with high-end technology at affordable prices. How can you earn revenue by developing a well-crafted Uber For Tutors App? Here are some monetization options that will help you gain more revenue and profits. They are,


  • Session Commission
  • Subscription Fee
  • Service Charges
  • Featuring Charges
  • In-App Advertisements

Why are you waiting? Get your personalized Uber For Tutors from Inoru today! Get in touch with us soon!


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Build A Perfect Online Learning Platform With Inoru’s Uber For Tutors!

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