AlstraSoft Live Support Software

Main Purpose of this :

AlstraSoft Live Support Software is an enterprise level live Support that provides real-time customer support and visitor communication directly on site.

Detailed Description:

AlstraSoft Live Support is a PHP based customer live help software. With Live Support, members can truly provide human communication to visitors by allowing them to open or close a sale, provide web-based solution through online chat or clarify their queries. Live Support also features an automated payment membership system so that members can pay for your live support service.

Live Support Software Features are as follows:

•  Provides true online live support to visitors or use it as real time marketing software

•  Allow visitors to initiate a new web chat session from a webpage
•  Visitors can leave a message if there is no live support available
•  As soon as one of the parties leaves the live chat the other party is notified
•  Sound notification of live support requests
•  E-mail notification of live support requests
•  Auto save transcripts
•  Capture visitor data which includes browser info, IP, referral URL, time of visit and host
•  Live Support can display support status either in image or text form in the website
•  Members can now track visitors as they visit the site and initiate a new chat with them.
•  Predefined survey allows members to push a survey form to visitors and they can gather important feedback, comments and critical survey data from visitors

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AlstraSoft Live Support Software

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