Meetup Clone is a site which provides a service used to establish online groups that host in-person occasions for people with comparable interests, the site was initially launched in 2002 and is still active. In 2017, there are more than 35 million Meetup users, and any user can be a member of several groups, users are generally using the website to find friends, share a pastime/interest, and many similar activities. users do not have followers or other direct contacts with each other like on other social media sites.

Meetup groups are run by almost 1 lakh 40 thousand (updated on 11 FEB 2021) managers, any Meetup user can be a manager, Managers set up groups, establish events, and develop event content, managers also pay a fee to run the group, under the probability of involvement the cost with members that be present at events. has rules and policies against establishing meetups around a profitable interest, dislike speeches, or groups that do not meet in-person. Here you can find the best Meetup Clone Scripts or Social Networking Scripts.

Latest Clone Scripts

Meetup Clone Script & Mobile App Thumbnail
Meetup Clone Script & Mobile App Thumbnail
Highlighting Features: User iOS and Android App: The user can reserve events using the Web, the iOS, and the Android App. Scan the Ticket with the App: The event organiser can use the app to read the QR code on the ticket. Export user List: Event orga...
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