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Main Purpose of this :

This script creates an online platform for appointment booking that caters to Medical Profession.

Detailed Description:

ZocDoc clone embraces an amazing scheduling process that connects patients to the prospective doctors. This online appointment booking system is faster and efficient. It possesses extraordinary features that will meet and exceeds all of the needs of patients, doctors and medical teams. A crystal clear procedure is included in this script that will assist the bookers and the doctors in online booking process. Users can find doctors based on service type, city, country and availability timing. It assists them to reach their destined specialist easily.

Features of Zocdoc Clone Script - Appointment Booking Software:
  • Contact details - ultimately stores all your website users’ complete contact information for future use.
  • Manages all appointment related activities like pending appointment, approved appointment, appointment date, name and service type.
  • It facilitates users with an appointment booking form that is to be filled to get the consultant.
  • An exclusive calendar option that assists the users to book their doctor appointment for specific date.
  • Users are also allowed to join this website in terms of a medical team with all needed doctors, specialist and assistants.
  • Check for specialist doctors of all unique health issues easily. This leads you to a specific doctor of your need in minutes
  • Makes sure to search through any doctor’s appointment of specific diseases with this useful feature.
  • Provides Review and Rating Module
  • It integrates multi-language support.
  • Users discover their appointment booking system for doctors through easily accessible social media networks.
  • Paypal is incorporated in your website that facilitate the users and doctors to make their payment on the desired gateways.
  • Use readily available mail template option to send regular and particular mail to a user or group of users immediately.
  • Even though users book a doctor’s appointment online, they can also finally get SMS on their mobile for confirmation.

zocdoc-clone appointment-booking-software appointment-script medical-apppointment-booking
Developer: Agriya License: Commercial Framework: Corephp, Angular JS, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, Linux, Apache Price: 1997 Views: 733 Updated Date: 21-Aug-2022

Zocdoc Clone Script - Appointment Booking Software - Agriya

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