Wall Script 8 - Social Network PHP Script

Main Purpose of this php script:

Wall script helps you to make your own social network website.

Detailed Description:

Wall Script is designed using PHP, Jquery, RESTful, Oembed, PDO and OAuth. It is a highly customizable, user friendly and responsive script that is intended for creating your own social networking site like Face book. This PHP script is lightweight codebase, efficient and safe. It can be used for any type of communities like school, business, sports or entertainment.

Features of Wall Script 8:
  • Responsive Mobile Support
  • Token Based RESTful APIs
  • Multi-Language Settings
  • News Feed Advertisements
  • Email Alerts for user activities
  • Signup Activation and customized Alerts
  • Share GEO Location
  • Comment Image Upload
  • GIF Image Support
  • Responsive Admin System
  • Status Messages
  • Instant Photo Uploads
  • Multiple Photo Uploads
  • Comments Like/Unlike
  • Share options
  • YouTube and Dailymotion Service
  • Supports MySQL, Oracle, MicroSoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL & SQLite etc

social-networking-script social-network-software
Developer: SRINIVAS TAMADA PRODUCTION License: Commercial Framework: Slim - PHP micro framework Price: 109 Views: 1483 Updated Date: 20-Aug-2022

Wall Script 8 - Social Network PHP Script

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