PHP Combined Bid Auction Software

Using Combined Unique Auction script, we can develop a site where sellers can post their product for sale. In this seller lists auction with Lowest and Highest Unique bid at the same platform. The users should also place bid for the auction/product they want. The one with the highest or lowest and unique bid wins the product.
Combined Unique Bid Auction Features:
(Below the options of the site and its respective functionalities)
  • Manage Users - this option manages the users of the site. Admin will be able to add, edit, delete, activate/deactivate/suspend the users. Manages IP Address; Manages User Credits; Manages Payment Fees and Bidding Credits.
  • Manage Features - admin can add, edit, and delete categories/sub Categories.
  • Manage Items - admin can set up an auction with different attributes like name, retail price, bidding fee, start and end date, description etc. from backend.
  • Content Management - admin can add the website pages and can update text of static pages from backend anytime without programming knowledge.
  • Email Management: admin can create new email templates in this section and the emails will be sent the users automatically as required.
  • Other Info - default Email address, Social Page Ids, Default Currency, Logo and contact Address can be managed from this Section.
  • Add Banners - admin can add and manage banners to be displayed on right section of the website.

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PHP Combined Bid Auction Software

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