NewsLetter PHP Script

Main Purpose of this :

NewsLetter PHP Script is a simple mailing list manager.

Detailed Description:

NewsLetter Script is designed using PHP and MySQL. Using the script website administrator can send, manage and track newsletters to a list of email subscribers. The script has three standard features. They are subscription form, subscribers management interface and newsletter system. Subscription form, through which the users subscribe and next is the subscribers management interface allows webmaster to know the list of users to receive the mails. Finally newsletter script a system to create and automate the newsletters themselves.

Features of NewsLetter PHP Script:
  • Simple installation process
  • Administration dashboard
  • Edit and preview newsletters
  • Send newsletters with one click
  • Manage newsletter subscribers
  • Support for unsubscribe links
  • Access to the source code
  • Newsletter RSS syndication
  • Host the newsletter on servers

email-marketer newsletter-subscription-script
Developer: MagnetBrains License: Free Views: 852 Updated Date: 24-Oct-2017

NewsLetter PHP Script

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