Leading Bitcoin Exchange Script With LAMP Stack

Main Purpose of this :

To build the secure bitcoin exchange business

Detailed Description:

Launching the bitcoin exchange business is very easy. But building the website is very tough. Because there are some many frameworks and technologies will be coming in the market to achieve success in fast.

In recent days, most of the cryptocurrency exchange development company uses the two frameworks mainly LAMP and MEAN.

What is LAMP?

·        LAMP Stack  is an acronym of Linux(OS), Ajax(JS and Front-end Development), MySQL(Relational DB), PHP(Back-end Development)

·        LAMP Stack is the open source web development platform.

·        Different languages are used for client side and server side environment.

Pros and Cons of LAMP Stack:

Pros of LAMP Stack:

·        Using Structured Database (handle the larger products)

·        Secure and customizable Infrastructure

·        Huge support community

·        High ROI

Cons of LAMP Stack:

·        OS Dependency

 What is MEAN?

·        MEAN is an abbreviation of  MongoDB(semi-structured DB), ExpressJS(Front-end Development), AngularJS(Back-end Development), Nodejs(runtime environment).

·        MEAN is a set of JavaScript-based technologies used to develop the application.

·        MEAN stack can be written in single language for both server side and client side execution environments.

 Pros and Cons of MEAN Stack:

Pros of MEAN Stack:

·        Stored the documents in the single table using the BSON and JSON Format.

·        Make it easy to switch between the client and server

·        Easier To Scale

·        Supports MVC

·        OS Independency

 Cons of MEAN Stack:

·        Easily Hacked

·        Using Semi-structured Database

·        Lack of widespread support

·        Poor isolation of server

 The startup can get an idea about both the frameworks. Choose the best one according to your requirements.

But Coinsclone offers the bitcoin exchange script with LAMP stack to build the exchange business in bitcoin as well as cryptocurrencies very securely with outstanding features such as

1.      Trade Match Engine

2.     Enhance the buy and sell system

3.     Wallet integration (multi-sig)

4.     All Payment gateway integration

5.     High level of liquidity

6.     Suit with different order

7.     Margin Trading and Lending System

8.     CSRF, DDOS, SSRF protection

9.     2FA.




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Leading Bitcoin Exchange Script With LAMP Stack

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