Inout Site Search - Intelligent Site Search Script

Main Purpose of this php script:

This script is an intelligent fast and simple site search that can improve your browsing experience.

Detailed Description:

Inout Site Search - Intelligent Site Search Script allows website users to search and navigate to their page in the limited amount of time. The script can be customized to meet unique requirements in function and design, it is intelligently indexed, search results are displayed in an exquisite manner and well integrated search boxes increase website’s attractiveness and usability. Inout Site Search is designed to be flexible to allow integration to any website. 

Features of Inout Site Search - Intelligent Site Search Script:
  • Integrate in any web pages
  • No coding required
  • Customizable look and feel
  • Domain sets
  • Unnecessary words filter
  • Protected with API keys
  • Result cache and cache period
  • Advanced crawler controls
  • Global domain depth control
  • View queued and crawled pages
  • Keyword identification/retrieval
  • Search logs
  • Statistics - details of domains, pages, crawling and searches.
  • Open source code
  • Free copyright removal

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Developer: Inout Scripts License: Commercial Framework: MVC (Model View Controller) Price: 249 Views: 532 Updated Date: 20-Aug-2022

Inout Site Search - Intelligent Site Search Script

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