ALM Affiliate Link Manager - PHP Affiliate Script

Main Purpose of this php script:

Using Affiliate Link Manager PHP script you can track and improve your Affiliate business by eliminating worst performing sites and campaigns.

Detailed Description:

Affiliate link manager (ALM):
ALM script allows you to create unique link, you can use the link in your email newsletter and email autoresponders. The affiliate link manager script provide the facility that to track income, expense and ROI.
You can create multiple marketing campaigns and sites. The reports gives the complete revenue information. If you are not satisfied with the script then we refund your money within 30 days of purchase.

affiliate-link-manager affiliate-marketing-campaigns
Developer: CalendarScripts License: Commercial Price: 22.88 Views: 846 Updated Date: 12-Oct-2017

ALM Affiliate Link Manager - PHP Affiliate Script

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