An Insight on Groupon and Groupon Clone Script

Groupon is something very diverse and ingenious perception integrated by Andrew Mason in 2008. The Groupon is a site, which offers several deals of the day for consumers. In a cycle of 24 hours, Groupon shows and give an offer of electronic coupon for restaurant or any shop in all cities and apart from this, it will also offer 40 to 60 percent discount if you obtain that service.

It is an intermediary service, which endorses the restaurants and the stores of the city. The Groupon was created with the intent to promote restaurants and stores of the city and it encourages people to try various restaurant and stores each day.  It is credited with the commission as and when it diverts customers towards the targeted restaurants and stores.

Groupon caters free services to the customers and with no limits you can join and subscribe for the offers by registering your mail id. The Groupon send mail on daily basis describing the deals of the day to its subscribers. Generally, it offers deals like 50 percent discount on the restaurant and the stores. If the deal is lucrative and you are willing to take service then you may purchase an electronic coupon openly from Groupon by using your Credit Card or PayPal Account. Users can take a print of that electronic coupon, use it in the restaurant or stores, and get the discount.


Groupon Clone Script

Groupon Clone Script is one of the new website that offers great script packages for potential clients, who are looking out for clone scripts of Groupon. The website owner can start successful group buying sites and can become a part of the overgrowing E-commerce trend.

Technical Details

Groupon Clone Script is a PHP application that let us to run a group buying business similar to The Script concept is simple but powerful. The is known to offer users a single fantastic deal for different cities. The deal could be deep discounts on food, entertainment and things to buy or places to stay. There are a set minimum number of deals decided which have to be sold before everyone can get that. Everyone can start the group buying by using the Group on clone script. One can start one’s own group buying store by installing the script. The Groupon Clone script is based on PHP programming language and it can be connected to a MySql database.

How to choose best Groupon Clone Script?

There are many sources from which the clone script can be purchased. The selection of the best clone script is important in the success of one’s business. One must try to choose the Groupon clone script which has maximum number of features. Some scripts offer additional features like IP tracking which is very useful for the success of the business model. Thus one must try to choose the clone script which offer comprehensive features.

Other Clones Similar to Groupon

There are many other clones available as an alternative to the Groupon.
– Contus Group Clone
– Uniprogy Couponic
are the major clone scripts which are available for the Group buying business.


  • Groupon is a online shopping site which is based on the concept of group buying
  • It offers some of the best deals, when a fixed number of sales is done
  • One can use the Groupon clone script to start their own group buying business
  • Groupon Clone script works on PHP and Mysql Platform
  • One can also go for other clones similar to Groupon like Contus Group Clone
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