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Using newsletter PHP scripts we can design a web based emailing system that can send an email, quickly validate an email address, send emails with file attachments, and send email with CC and BCC.

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PHP Newsletter Script Thumbnail
PHP Newsletter is a full-featured email-marketing system. The script is user friendly and easy to install. The script is been designed for creating, sending and tracking E-mail newsletters which are the major role of an email-marketing system. PHP Newslette...
Price: 10
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NewsLetter Script is designed using PHP and MySQL. Using the script website administrator can send, manage and track newsletters to a list of email subscribers. The script has three standard features. They are subscription form, subscribers management inter...
 XYZ Email Marketing Manager PHP Script Thumbnail
XYZ Email Marketing Manager PHP script is an inclusive email marketing and newsletter script in PHP that has everything needed to create, send and benefit from email marketing. It is an essential PHP, MySQL based script. XYZ Email Marketing Manager meets al...
Price: 49