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Social Networking Solution Thumbnail

Social Networking Solution

slim, angular js, evernote, postgresql, bootstrap, linux, nginx Agriya social networking script views: 198

As the process of digital transformation progresses, the possibilities of social networking has also inflated, especially in terms of businesses. It attracts a huge number of users and thus makes it the perfect place for businesses to promote their products...
Online Learning Solution - Custom E-learning Solution Thumbnail
Due to the dynamic landscape of e-learning industry, change is needed, constant innovation is the key to long-term success in this field. Agriya one of the leading web development firms, have identified the inherent gap in the learning process and have deve...
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Inout Support Desk Manager - Support Ticket Management Script Thumbnail

Inout Support Desk Manager - Support Ticket Management Script

mvc (model view controller) Inout Scripts customer support script views: 275

Inout Support Desk Manager Script is a support desk solution that manages and maintains lists of issues. It is designed for small to medium sized businesses. The support ticket management script can be customized to meet unique requirements in function &...
Price: 149