XYZ Admarket Script

Main Purpose of this php script:

PHP script for advertiser-publisher network

Detailed Description:

XYZ Admarket PHP script is a simple script that provides a platform to launch an advertiser-publisher network or adserver site like Google AdWords/AdSense, Media Net etc. It is featured in PHP and MySql. XYZ Admarket can be readily implemented to make your own advertiser-publisher network or adserver online.

The complete feature list of the XYZ Admarket PHP script is given below:

  • Flexible user accounts 
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads 
  • Customizable ad blocks & ad codes 
  • Fraud Tracking 
  • Payment Configurations 
  • Site Configurations 
  • Advanced Reports and more. 

This PHP Script also has the following Addons:

  • Category Targeting 
  • City Level Targeting 
  • Cost Per Action Ads 
  • CPM Ads 
  • Custom Withdrawal Modes 
  • Interstitial Ads 
  • Pop Ads 
  • Sponsored Ads 
  • Stripe Payment Gateway 
  • Subadmin Accounts 
  • Third Party HTML Ads 
  • Time Targeting

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XYZ Admarket Script

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