Scimbo - Whatsapp Clone Script

Main Purpose of this clone script:

With a ton of features & the ability to customize it,this app can provide you with everything you need to start your own service immediately

Detailed Description:

If you want to be able to launch an app based on the Whatsapp concept, start a flourishing business out of it, and gain the ability to chat with friends instantly with no additional fees, then Scimbo is the app to buy. This app has all the features of the original Whatsapp. Contrary to the popular app, you and your future users won’t be susceptible to fee increases and other surprises held by Facebook, since you will be controlling your own network.

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Developer: Anand Rajendran License: Commercial Price: 999 Views: 133 Updated Date: 15-Oct-2018

Scimbo - Whatsapp Clone Script

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