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Main Purpose of this clone script:

PHP Social Bookmarking Script helps you to create a social bookmarking website.

Detailed Description:

PHP Social Bookmarking Script is a very simple PHP/MySQL content management system for anyone who would like to create a social bookmarking website. The templates are highly customizable. Users can create unlimited categories and subcategories using this script.

Features of PHP Social Bookmarking Script:

1. Free lifetime updates
2. SEO friendly URLs
3. Add to favorites
4. Follow/unfollow options
5. Delete listing from admin panel
6. Responsive site web design optimized for all mobile devices
7. RSS feeds enabled
8. Connect with Facebook
9. Newsletter
10. AdSense integration,
11. A full rating system for posts and comments


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Developer: phpSoftPro License: Commercial Price: 34 Views: 179 Updated Date: 20-Jul-2018

PHP Social Bookmarking Script - phpSoftPro

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