Inout Search Engine - Google and Bing Clone Script

Main Purpose of this clone script:

Inout Search Engine is a powerful and unique search engine script whose features are inspired by the giant search engines like Google or Bing Search Engine.

Detailed Description:

Inout Search Engine is capable of displaying results from multiple search engines through APIs (Application Program Interface) and offer great advertising revenue opportunities. Inout Search Engine has a powerful administrator control section that allows to add other dedicated custom searches to make the website unique. It is designed for small business. Inout Search Engine comes with 12 engines as standard. We can add powerful features and change appearances with available add-ons. There are three editions of Inout Search Engine available, they are Standard, Ultimate v7.0 and Ultimate v8.0 edition. The price of Ultimate v7.0 and Ultimate v8.0 editions is $449. 

Common features of all three Editions are as follows:  

  • Easy custom search
  • API integration for meta search
  • Advertising integration
  • Private search engine results with Inout spider
  • Integration with Inout adserver without ad codes
  • Detailed statistics
  • Cache results & save API calls
  • Thumbshots & quick look
  • Easy customization

Features specific to Ultimate v7.0 & v8.0 editions of Inout Search Engine:

  • Mix results from multiple sources
  • Use your own database
  • Load balancing cache with clustering
  • Keyword suggestion
  • Define any number of RSS sources and combine it to create an RSS engine
  • Geo targeted results
  • Boost priority results
  • Mobile responsive design*
  • Avoid 'no result' return*
  • Continuous scrolling*
  • Built-in responsive themes*

*Features not applicable to Ultimate v7.0 edition

Inout Search Engine comes with the following exhilarating add-ons:

  • Google Theme
  • Bing Theme
  • Ask Theme
  • Android Mode
  • MIST Theme
  • Language Translator
  • Search Maps
  • Instant Search
  • Social Plugin
  • WordPress Addon
  • Social Tab Addon
  • Crystal Box Theme 

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Developer: Inout Scripts License: Commercial Price: 249 Views: 149 Updated Date: 23-Mar-2016

Inout Search Engine - Google and Bing Clone Script

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