Inout Email Marketer

Main Purpose of this php script:

This scripts is a bulk mailing and mailing list management script developed in PHP.

Detailed Description:

Inout Email Marketer, formerly known as Inout Mailing List Manager enables users to send numerous email campaigns and manage unlimited amount of emails. It can be used to create projects to manage multiple campaigns and automatically trigger postdated campaigns. Inout Email Marketer also provides a detailed statistics, multiple SMTPS and live tracking allow to stay in complete control. There are three editions of Inout Email Marketer available, they are Standard, Enterprise and Premium edition. The price of enterprise edition is $199, and premium edition is $89.

 Common features of all three Editions are as follows:

  • Unlimited mailing lists, contacts and campaigns
  • Email confirmation option for subscription     
  • PHP code subscription to integrate the script with legacy or existing forms   
  • Extract emails from HTML, URLs or import emails from SQL Databases
  • HTML/Plain Text email campaign
  • WYSIWYG editor to create and edit campaigns
  • Unsubscribe link in email campaigns
  • Manage active/inactive/pending email campaigns      
  • Detailed campaign statistics
  • View and manage active/unsubscribed emails
  • Advanced email queue management system
  • Advanced email queue management & cron job scheduling for Mailing Options.

Features specific to Premium and enterprise editions of Inout Email Marketer:

  • Prioritizes campaigns
  • Additional Subscription Fields
  • PHP Code for Existing Form Integration
  • Advanced Subscription Code with Client Side Validations             
  • Process bounced emails.             
  • Data Backup
  • Advanced Selective Subscription for Users
  • Campaign Tracking Facility
  • Sub-Admin accounts*
  • Mass Unsubscribe*
  • Send automated greeting to your new customers*        
  • Automated Follow-up Campaigns*
  • Multiple SMTP Accounts*
  • Tracking Authentication Failed SMTPs*

  *Features not applicable to Premium edition

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Developer: Inout Scripts License: Commercial Price: 49 Views: 85 Updated Date: 22-Mar-2016

Inout Email Marketer

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