Inout Adserver

Main Purpose of this php script:

This script is an ad serving script that allows its owners to start their own revenue generating ad serving business.

Detailed Description:

Inout Adserver is developed in PHP and MySQL for personal or small businesses. Adserver is a combined cloned features of AdSense, AdRoll and AdWords. The powerful user interface allows complete control from traffic stats to revenue management. Inout Adserver comes with three editions which are standard, ultimate and enterprise. Each ensuring robust features and functionalities that makes it the most successful ad serving script on the market. The price of enterprise edition is $549, and ultimate edition is $449.

Common features of all three Editions are as follows:
  • Advertisers & publishers management
  • Ads management Ad blocks & ad display management
  • Keyword management
  • Easy ad code generation - search & display network
  • Fraudulent & repetitive click tracking mechanism
  • Ad rotation for efficient ad management.  
Features specific to ultimate and enterprise editions of Inout Adserver:
  • Single-sign-on accounts
  • Front-end customization
  • Coupon codes for advertisers
  • Approved sites targeting
  • Effective adult filtering
  • Generate/receive ads in xml format
  • Inline, sticky & splash ad units
  • Optional feature called referral system which can be used to promote your adserve
  • Advertiser site targeting
  • Ads re-targeting
  • Bulk mailer & listing management
  • Sub-admin account management  
Inout Adserver comes with the following exhilarating add-ons:
  • Amazon Aurora Connect
  • Android App Ad Display Addon
  • Cost Per Interstitial (CPI) Ads
  • Cost Per Impression (CPM) Ads
  • Cost Per Action (CPA) Ads
  • HTML Ads
  • Time Targeting Ads
  • Live Support

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Developer: Inout Scripts License: Commercial Price: 249 Views: 271 Updated Date: 17-Mar-2016

Inout Adserver

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